How Do You Brew?

Introducing the Rad Coffee Dripper Set

Learn To Make a Rad Coffee Pour Over

Words To Know

Bloom The First 30 seconds of the pour over. Pour twice as much water as your coffee, let it chill for 30 seconds.
Pour Style Spiral in and out of the middle of the dripper. Think cinnamon roll.
Recipe Recipe: 1:16 coffee to water ratio. 2 scoops of coffee to 12 oz water.
Brew Time 3 to 4 minutes, usually. Break the rules a bit.

How To Brew

Water Temperature 204º to 208 º
Grind Size Medium Fine
Step One: Set the dripper on a mug, add the filter, and wet the filter with hot water. Dump any excess water.
Step Two: Put ground coffee in the filter and add about twice as much water as you have coffee. Make sure to get all of the ground coffee wet.
Step Three: Let the coffee drip for 30 seconds and then add more water. Keep the water flowing as slow as a barely opened faucet. pour for ten seconds.
Step Four: Wait 30 more seconds and then add a second round of water. continue to do this every 45 seconds until you have a cup of fresh brewed coffee.

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Each Set Includes: Dripper, Scoop, 40 Filters, Coffee Sample, Recipe Card, Lapel Pin

Three Dripper Colors To Choose From