About us

Rad Coffee was created in March 2015 and is the brain child of Rusty and Jade Valore. Skeletons and coffee are their claim to fame as well as creating sweet concoctions that do not only taste amazing but look like something out of Wonka’s Chocolate Factory after Halloween. Truth be told, they started this company because they didn’t only love coffee so much, but they wanted to be able to do what they love for a living. With Rusty’s years of experience behind the bar, love for skateboarding and possibly his favorite word being “Rad,” Jade’s entrepreneurial spirit and horror enthusiasm ignited it altogether. Their ambition hasn’t stopped since the days of bottling cold brew and high fiving on their first 10K followers. Their shop is nestled in Downtown Upland serving up espresso & killer concoctions to boot or you might see their coffee truck cruising around Southern California with never-ending lines of customers craving caffeine.





Rad Coffee’s mission is to bring constant change and creativity to something as simple as a cup of coffee. By creating an environment that welcomes anyone and everyone and providing unique drinks that cannot be found anywhere, that is truly rad. Created by coffee lovers, for the coffee lover. We wanted to bring people something different and something that everyone can enjoy. Whether it’s the free spirits, a business person, your local handyman, the artist with tattoos all over their face or last but definitely not least, you! We welcome you. Specialty coffee is what we serve, but we are certainly not your average specialty coffee shop. Our promise is that we will always serve the highest quality ingredients, keep experimenting with unique drinks and flavors and most importantly, provide you with a smile to keep your day going because if there was no you, there would be no rad. You are Rad Coffee, Together, We are Rad Coffee.